Friday, March 31, 2006

The Project - Part Two

Readers who missed part one can go here: "The Project".

The area in and around the casino complex will be home to at least a dozen world-class resorts and well over a hundred restaurants, with the gargantuan sturgeon looming overhead. The top tier restaurant, some 1,700 feet in the air in the sturgeon's tail, will be simply called "The Roe". It will of course serve the world's freshest caviar on a daily basis. Prices? If you have to ask you probably couldn't afford to dine there. Ethnic restaurants will dominate the area. German, Polish, Mexican and the like with the Norwegians, real ones from Winchester, Wisconsin running a traditional smorgasbord with Lutefisk 365-days a year.

Thousands and thousands of part-time minimum wage jobs will be created by this mega-project making the new Winnebago Valley boom. New bus routes from Appleton, Oshkosh, and Fond du Lac will shuttle workers to and from the lake bed. On site housing for workers will also be provided. Rents will be so high that relief agencies such as the Salvation Army will be given free rent in the 7th and 8th sub-floors, the bowels so to speak, of the complex where they will be able to house workers barracks style. In this area, the steerage section it could be called, donated food from the area restaurants, lutefisk included, will provide workers with nutritious free meals. Taking a tip from the Luxury Cruise Ship industry workers will only be allowed to leave the 7th and 8th sub-floors when they are on duty and will be accompanied to and from their jobs by armed security guards. This will assist the entire project by providing a safe environment for tourists and gamblers.

My favorite part of the entire project is "Old Town Oshkosh", a three block long domed, climate controlled environment recreating the days of Oshkosh in the past, nothing but 3-blocks of Taverns and Brothels, open 24-hours, where every day is Saint Patrick's Day.

There is much more to come...The world's largest aquarium, DNR concerns, the new 10-lane elevated highway running north to south, and the world's longest mega-mall. Stay tuned.

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