Thursday, March 16, 2006

Christmas Box Angel

Tony Palmeri has laid out this story very well here and here.

My personal opinion: I could care less if it's put out in the park.


There are $$$ concerns and I think a person should take a pragmatic approach. My first thoughts were about the possible costs to the taxpayers in Oshkosh. The Freedom from Religion folks down in Mad City are a tenacious bunch, a bit like the dog that latches onto the cuff of your pants and won't let go. They are on to this one, HizzonerTheMare Castle took the bait, told the Gaylor group to go to Hell, and now the lawyers will stop chasing ambulances long enough to smile all the way to the bank on this one.

The Marshfield saga lasted years and years, was over with in about 2000, and cost the taxpayers there some $60-grand. Mr Castle's smart-ass remarks the other night might cost the taxpayers of Oshkosh $100-$200 grand. This was a classic case of the mouth opening before the brain was engaged.

I do feel there is time to salvage this. Ask the local churches what their thoughts are. Some older person in Oshkosh who wants to leave a lasting legacy might have a few bucks, a small piece of land, and a plan that would make a lot of people happy.

As a child I remember that roadside on the south side of Marshfield before the statue went up. Later I saw it dozens of times. My dad used to remark on it. He said it had no business being there. His remarks were made circa 1960. There was a different frame of mind then. You had to be there to understand the mind-set. The Knights of Columbus of Marshfield paid the freight to put up that statue of Jesus. Being Protestant my dad could have meant that a 'Catholic Jesus' had no more business being in a public park than a 'Protestant Jesus'.

The Marshfield park is pretty but the pain-in-the-taxpayer's pockets wasn't.

The Marshfield and LaCrosse run-ins with the Freedom from Religion Foundation should give cause for some thought in Oshkosh.

My thought...

Get rid of this potential problem before any money is spent on attorneys and use city council time for more important things.

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