Thursday, March 16, 2006

Iraq: End It


It's been three long years since this Iraq morass began. Like a cancer it eats away on our national treasury, makes the dollar look worse and the euro look better every day, and dumbs-down our ability to spread good will and be the benevolent gentle giant our country could be. The U.S. attacks in Iraq the last few days are beginning to resemble (in my mind) the news reports of the late 1960's describing 'carpet-bombing' in Vietnam. Russ Feingold did what he could this week regarding censure and this action will be applauded (some 10yrs in the future). He is not a visionary but very practical and it's a damn shame that more senators did not join him today. One by one they will. It's just a matter of time.

Garrison Keillor wrote about it in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday, March 15 and you can read it here.


Friday March 17 a group of ordinary folk will meet by the sundial at Peace Park, hold signs, and talk about the war, the soldiers, the weather, veteran's benefits and the like. It's been three years and that is three years too long. What do the people think who drive by on Main Street? About one car out of 40 or 50 is negative. Stop by for ten or fifteen minutes this Friday and see for yourself. People are sick of this war, sick of the cost, and sick of the disrupted lives, separation, divorce, mental problems, and sick of the injuries and death.

Local WWII vet Sam Hronis (age 90) tells me horror stories about being a medic in the far east theatre in 1944. He also tells me horror stories about how his and his wife's prescriptions (through the V.A.) have gone up, doubled, and redoubled in the last few years, and how his Social Security check isn't keeping up.

It's time to end the Iraq charade. Bring 'em home.

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