Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring is in the Air

A beautiful March day. Too nice to be in front of this screen.

I have added links to the Waterfest and PMI concerts on your right along with local weather. Everyone I see has cabin fever!

What's happening with our troops? Last time I checked one party had control of Congress since about 1996 and that same party has controlled the Presidency since 2000. I think that party has some explaining to do.


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Anonymous said...

"thee eman": how predictable is it that you think it's all about Bush. Vets under Bush have gotten a raw deal, the last 5 years benifits have been cut 4 times.
At the same time, yes, there are other people doing things wrong but the reason most people bash Bush is because he is the one in this "pre-emptive" "war"

It's sad,really that you choose not to see the whole picture