Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Christmas Box Angel: A Solution

The proposed site (public park) for the Christmas Box Angel may cost city taxpayers $100,000 or more (legal fees).

Find an individual, group, church, or group of churches who will answer the call to find a place on private property for the angel.
My favorite would be to ask a property owner whose land abuts a quiet city park if they would mind if the angel was put on their property facing the park. Some homeowner might love having this in their yard.

If this idea appeals to you, please pass this on to your church, have a note put in the bulletin, announce it, and talk it up.

Somewhere in Oshkosh there is someone willing to help with this, with a bonus of saving the taxpayers a bundle.

You can email this to your friends, a church, or send it to your own email (for forwarding) by clicking on the envelope at the end of the blog. Thank you.


jody said...

I think you are absolutley correct on this. However, I also think the central location and appearance of homogeneity ARE the point for the Pro-Halo Group.

It has been my experience that many people feel uncomfortable when faced with too much variety, as if our society cannot stand the strain, and will fall apart.
A moment's reflection on the incredible mania european/christian culture has shown for subjugating other people's and cultures will back that up I think.Both within and without our borders.

Without - too many cultrual invasions and manipulations to list.
Within - give a brief thought to every native american tribe and the fate of immigrant families who typically experience an enormous gap between the generations as the old struggle to keep their culture and the young struggle to not be different from the other kids at the mall.

Group cohesiveness relies on definitions of "us" v. "not-us". Too much "not-us" WITHIN the "us" just doesn't cut it with some folks.
George B. likes to yap about Our Way of Life. We don't really have that. We have WAYS of life. Too many of those ways are shoved underground because of some kind of fear or other.

I also don't think the Framers could have anticipated this extreme level of social complexity we are faced with today. I think the ethical answer is based not just in legalisitic/constitutional backward-looking but also in emotional and yes, SPIRITUAL forward-looking.
The world is essentially shrinking, how can we define "us" to be the most inclusive, diverse and accepting and loving "us" we can possibly be.
We have asked for the poor, the tired, the huddled and yearning masses. We got 'em now. We are not just one culture.

People can yap about the law - but this is about emotions. From he grieving parents on down to the atheists and Jean G. and me and everybody.
Ya, get the thing on private property. King Gary has spoken - so shall it be written, so shall it be done.

Anonymous said...

All hail the king and the Czar..!

Anonymous said...

You can also go to

Anonymous said...

strange stuff man!