Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Peace Vigil Wednesday 6PM

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There will be a Peace Vigil at 6pm Wednesday evening.
  • WHY? To remember the 3,000-plus deceased soldiers of the Iraq War, the 20 to 30,000 injured soldiers, and the Iraqi dead and injured.
  • WHEN? 6pm Wednesday evening January 3rd.
  • WHERE? Peace Park, Oshkosh. Downtown, corner of Main & Algoma, by the Sundial.
  • Program? Five minutes of silence followed by comments. Everyone welcome.

Informal discussion before and after at the New Moon Cafe.


Bring a flashlight in lieu of candles. Weather conditions as of this writing: Temperature 40, Wind 13mph-sw.

Other vigils may be held in Oshkosh later this week. If I hear about them I will post them here.


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