Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Delusions or Disillusioned?

Winter can make one a bit delusional. Cabin fever enters into this, although lack of same can do it too. Having a cabin is the answer. Go there, pray for snow. Enough white stuff to force you to hole up for three days with no TV and internet. Food, firewood, a lantern and a few good books would do.

Delusion is the word that came to mind when I listened to Accordian Man detail his latest rant about society in front of the Oshkosh Public Library. He detailed his love for Hillary Clinton and his unwavering support for her. He told me of the MSM asking her if she had the wherewithal to deal with stubborn world leaders who might lie on occasion. She mentioned something to the effect of having some first-hand knowledge in this area. This cracks up Accordian Man. He wants more. Tells me Hillary should run the country for eight years followed by Obama for another eight. He sez that Hillary already ran the country for an eight year span in the '90's, at least every Republican he knows convinced him of this, and he doesn't remember anyone being out of work then!

People are asking me about this War thing with Iran. Back up and do the homework. Read the Project for the New American Century. John Lemberger told me two or three years ago that Iran was next. It's nothing new. The Bush League is merchandising it the same way they did Iraq.

But wait?

Isn't Iraq in a Civil War? Two sides fighting each other? Of course! Iran is financing one side. Faux Knews tells us this several times an hour. The Bush League Merchandising Team doesn't want you to know this but someone's financing the other side. That would be Saudi Arabia. MSM is not going to detail this until CITIZEN BLOGGERS force the issue.

Get it. The Sunnis and Shiites murder each other with U.S. soldiers standing inbetween. One side is financed by Iran, the other by Saudi Arabia. MSM (and others) are terrified over dealing with the Saudi Arabian end of this. It comes down to this: Free flow of oil to the U.S.

Anyone in Oshkosh who has attempted to keep their neighbors awake half the night around July 4 knows it takes hard cash (or plastic) to pay for those loud noises. Bombs Bursting over Bagdad costs big bucks. Iran and Saudi Arabia pay part of it and the U.S. is going in debt for the rest.

Do everyone a big favor the next time Iran is mentioned in conversation (or on the news). Demand that Saudi Arabia gets equal time.

Time to bring this home. A soldier from north of Oshkosh has died. His name: Jon St. John. Thus ends life for him, the dreams of his parents and all the things that might have been. A tragedy.

Another family in Oshkosh is facing a crisis. Mom and dad have two children, just lost their health insurance due to Oshkosh Public Library cutbacks, and mom just found out she is pregnant. A third child on the way along with a whopping medical bill. Another tragedy.

I know none of the above mentioned people. The stories are as different as life and death but a common thread weaves its way through them. The serviceman deserved to live. The library employee needed the insurance to keep a sense of calm in the family. That thread is a government which has an open wallet for war and a closed wallet at home.

It's time to close the wallet abroad and open it at home. Everyone will be a lot happier.

Accordian Man might be happier too, that is if his disability claim comes through before he's dead.


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