Friday, January 26, 2007

Emergency Food & Shelter (FEMA) Board Meeting

On Wednesday January 24, 2007 the Board meeting was held for the allotment of funds provided to Winnebago County by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The funds are distributed by the Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP) Board. It was held at the Hooper Community Center, 36 Broad Street.

The 2007 award for Winnebago County is $86,833, a significant increase of 91.6% in funding from 2006.

A general review of emergency food and shelter needs preceded a review of funding requests by various agencies and then award amounts were determined and voted upon.

Requests came from seven agencies:
  • American Red Cross, East Central WI
  • American Red Cross, Neenah-Menasha
  • Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services
  • Ecumenical Food Pantry (located at Trinity Episcopal Church)
  • Emergency Shelter of Fox Valley
  • LEAVEN (Menasha)
  • Salvation Army-Oshkosh

Highlights include the Christine Ann Center which was awarded $15,900 for 2007. The Ecumenical Food Pantry was awarded $2,232. About seven area churches contribute and run the pantry which operates out of Trinity Episcopal. $6,675 was awarded to the Emergency Shelter of Fox Valley, located in Appleton, which assists in housing Oshkosh homeless. The Oshkosh Salvation Army received almost $6,000 in 2006 but scaled back their request for $1,000 this coming year. Captain Johnny Harsh remarked that the people of Oshkosh came through in great fashion this past year and not as much was needed. The Salv. Army served over 64,000 meals in 2006.

A new application was made by the Trinity Episcopal Church 'Loaves and Fishes' program. They serve about 70 meals twice a month on Saturdays. This is the first time they applied. Their meal program complements the Salvation Army program in that the Army is not open on Saturdays. Discussion followed the presentation which asked for $1,000. Further discussion centered around the possibility of them expanding their program to all Saturdays. Eventually a vote was taken and it was decided to award them $1,000, and possibly award them another $1,000 if the program expands. They served an estimated 1,118 meals in 2006.

The EFSP Board includes members of many social service organizations in the area and yes, I am on this board as an advocate for the homeless.

If anyone would like detailed reports on the EFSP Board and FEMA allotments, please use the email address on the top left and I will assist in directing you.

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