Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lake Winnebago Ice Depth

The Lake Winnebago Ice Depth Chart is finally online and you can check it by clicking on the link directly to your left. It says 3-inches today. That's based on reports of fishermen and would certainly not be true of the entire lake. Timely reports on fishing activity can be found by clicking on 'fish reports' on the same page. Question: Would a fisherman really let on the location of the best fishing?

In another fish story...

Dubya is gonna speak on the State of the Onion tonight. My advice is FOLLOW THE MONEY! 20,000 more troops is good for Halliburton's lunch program and not much else. The health care proposal will dumb down many great health programs by lowering benefits. Does anyone really think premiums will come down? The number of uninsured is 47 million and rising and Dubya won't touch that...blah...blah...blah.

I wouldn't doubt that TV news programs may suffer for viewers tonight. Good night to tune in the Nat'l Geographic channel, -or maybe just turn on the weather channel and read a book.


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