Friday, January 05, 2007

Gallery Walk January 6,2007

Welcome the start of a new year with a visit to the Oshkosh Gallery Walk Saturday January 6,2007 from 6-9pm. Twenty-Five locations are shown on the Map/Program which can be found at any of the participating galleries.

A much needed addition to the Art Walk has finally happened and you can view it here:

Our balmy weather is due to end anytime now and you can see the latest forecast by clicking on the link at your left. I suggest starting the walk in two different ways. Begin on the south side at the Blue Room Studio at 800 Oregon St. and make a stop at the other two locations south of the Main St. bridge. An alternate way is to start on North Main at Mod Bod, 683 N. Main and Pedestrian Arts at 664 N. Main. These two galleries on North Main are open from 5pm.

Many other shops are open Saturday evening including Upscale Resale on Market Street. I suspect some of the people running for City Council will be out and about too. Voice your concerns in person and meet the candidates. This ain't the mall. There's no suppression of free speech downtown. It's the new 'in place' to be.

See you there.

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