Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Tuesday at First Congregational

Bring on the brass. But first...

The frigid February Gallery Walk is Saturday night 6-9pm. May the brave endure and be rewarded with a taste of wine to warm the soul. It will be remembered as the Art Walk Challenge. Check the link to your left to learn more.

Molly Ivins is gone. I read Molly over the years and never had the pleasure of meeting her. She became required reading in the latter '90's. She had covered the Bush League Regime after they made their move to Texas in an attempt to hide their eastern establishment Ivy League roots. She had the goods on them and nicknamed Dubya "schrub". Her writing inspired me due to her ability to present the most atrocious stories while keeping a smile on her face, and more than that, keeping our attention.

I met many folks who had the pleasure of meeting her. It wasn't all pleasure. She was a big woman (not fat just big) who wore cowboy boots, swore like a sailor, told off color stories, drank whiskey 'till the cows came home, had no inclination to marry, and would yell four letter words at friends across large gatherings of socialites. She also stood up for the poor and disenfranchised every time.

Of all the columns I read about her today I liked Tony Palmeri's take the best!

Thank you Molly.

To learn more about Molly Ivins fighting the good fight go here.

TUBA-RIFFIC is the program this month at First Congregational's First Tuesday Concert. For more go here and here.


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