Thursday, June 22, 2006

Welcome to Oshkosh

The Miss Wisconsin Pageant, the country music fest, Waterfest, EAA and much more bring people to Oshkosh. Imagine someone from West Bend or Green Bay coming to Waterfest on Thursday, making a pit stop before arrival at the Leach and having the convenience store clerk tell them that their business has NO PUBLIC RESTROOMS!

In Oshkosh you say? Yes. The Marathon station on South Main near the bridge is refusing to let patrons use their restrooms. The Marathon station on Jackson (near Hardees and the courthouse) also refuses the use of their restrooms.

Welcome to Oshkosh.

Enough said.

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Gary said...

Mr. Bryan Bain of the Oshkosh City Council was alerted to this problem and he promptly referred it to the City Attorney's Office. I heard from them right away and here is an excerpt: "The State of Wisconsin Building Code addresses Public Restroom access. Specifically, if the business is open to the public, they must make their restrooms available to the public."

The City Attorney has sent both of the downtown Marathon Stations a letter reminding them to comply.

There will be a timely response if I find that anyone is denied use of the restrooms.

I sincerely thank Bryan Bain and the Oshkosh City Attorney's Office for their quick attention to this problem.