Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flag Day and Voting with Disabilities

Flag Day is a good occasion for a parade. If you are short on flags go to the nearest cemetery and borrow a few.

If Diebold gets a foothold in Winnebago County burn those flags on the 4th of July. If they melt instead of burn it's your own fault. Damn plastic flags are no fun at all.

I think the next Constitutional Amendment should be: All Flags Must Be Made of Asbestos. I stole that from somebody but can't remember who.

It's my understanding that the Feds are holding off on sueing for noncompliance regarding people with disabilities. That's a great reason for the county to hold off any decision on touch screen machines.

People with disabilities in Wisconsin are given every possible opportunity to vote under current laws. They can pick anyone to assist them. Every effort is made to make this the most private of decisions. By law Election Officials must provide curbside service for disabled voters. It ain't exactly like the skates at Ardy & Eds, but yes, Curbside service is the law. Two Election Officials (from opposing parties) must leave the election proper, go out to the curb, and assist the person sitting in the car who may not feel well enough to come inside. Really think the Feds are going to hurry us into a bad decision? Think again.

Want to know what the Wisconsin Election Officials Manual has to say about this? It's easy.
Go here: http://elections.state.wi.us
Click on: Forms & Publications
Under Manuals click on: "Election Day Manual"
The detail is on page 43-44-and45.

The above is what election workers are taught and must obey. Can we do better? Certainly, but let's have some more choices in voting machines and companies not dogged with lawsuits.

How about it Oshkosh?

The alternative might be to burn a few flags on the 4th.

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