Monday, June 05, 2006


Burning Man is coming to North East Wisconsin in the form of a Summer Solstice Party on June 24-25. There will be camping, body painting, music making, performance art, skinny-dipping day and night, storytelling, and pyrotechnics including the Burning Man.

While our politicians continue to trash what's left of our ailing democracy by imposing machines with mistakes in the software and holes everywhere we are going to take a weekend off and party like there's no tomorrow.

The Burning Man is not a spectator event. It is participatory at which time you earn your rights to also be a spectator. Have you ever done body painting? Would you like to be the canvas? Can you tap dance? Want to tap dance while body-painted twirling a burning cane?

Normal people need not apply. There must be something wrong with you if you want to attend this and like starting things on fire. The Wisconsin sport of drinking, being loud and falling down will not be tolerated at this event. It is on private property and anyone with that in mind will be immediately removed from the premises. However most other behavior will be tolerated and even encouraged.

I will be writing more on this but want to get the word out now. Time is of the essence. Here are some of the basics...

Cost of camping: $0
Cost of admission: $0
Cost of anything: $0

Donations of time, certain material items, and specialized talents would be greatly appreciated. Some quick examples...

Burning Man: Do you like to build bonfires? Do you have a pick-up and a wood source? Do you know basic carpentry, have nails and binder twine? What do you know about legal pyrotechnics? What can you help with?

Halloween in June: Do you like to make weird costumes incorporating body painting and make-up? Did you ever try being a mime? Would you like to try being a mime? Ever mix water, cold cream, Argo, and food coloring? Cold cream is expensive and we need a lot of it.

Bring a guitar and a harmonica, flute or whatever. Can you imagine Dueling Tubas?

Have a talent you would like to share or teach?

Now for the nitty-gritty...

Where? -An undisclosed rural place in NE-Wisconsin
When? June 24-25
Camping? Yes. Includes flush toilet and showers, bubbler and excellent well water.
Provisions? Under ten minutes to full service grocery, dollar store, and convenience store. (nothing on premises)
Food and Beverages? Bring your own.

This is an invitation only private event on private property. If you are interested in attending and are acquainted with me send an email at once for more details. If you are not acquainted with me but have a friend who is, please have that friend send me a 'cover' email vouching for your craziness. It isn't as complicated as it sounds.

Party crashers will not be tolerated. You must have your invite in order to attend due to limited space. Links and more will be coming on this post.

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Anonymous said...

are you going? send pics if you can, I would like to hear about it