Sunday, February 05, 2006

February Art Walk: A Recap

With weather returning to seasonal normals it was a cold night to be walking around downtown. Many braved the chill to wander from gallery to gallery. Jambalaya featured items done by art students from West High and Omro. Usoapia on Market Street was open. The owner makes her scented soaps. I have noticed this shop many times and am glad I stopped in. She is very articulate and also an artist. I questioned her about the Monk-Reising gallery being closed. She informed me that Jennifer has taken on a new challenge which will take her to the state of Michigan.

This is Michigan's gain and a loss for Oshkosh. I saw Jennifer at Pick-and-Save north in late December. She told me it was time for a break. In addition to her busy schedule she had used her talents on the Festival of Lights at Menominee Park. Reflection, rejuvenation, whatever a person calls 'down-time', is necessary in the arts. It takes a clear head and a clear mind to create and excel in art and music. I personally thank Jennifer for a giant contribution to the betterment of life as we know it in Oshkosh. Let us not mourn the void but look inward and outward for creative and energetic people that can continue and even surpass Jennifer's contribution to our city.

Jacinda's Spa Salon

This salon was not officially part of the Art Walk. In fact they were not showing art. They have completed remodeling 440 N. Main into a 1st rate spa and salon. They were giving tours of their facility and offering visitors snacks and beverages. They do body treatments, chemical peels, cuts and color, styling, customized facials, make up, and more. Now this isn't my bag---but I know a good thing when I see it. The guys who are reading this should pay attention. Valentine's Day is coming up. Gift certificates could be bought and given now so they could be used before February 14. Make your significant other happy. Call 920.230.3443. (By the way, the shrimp were great!)

The women which accompanied me to Jacinda's were very impressed, all three of them.

Father Carr's Place 2B

I have been getting many comments and have good news to report. The attendance at the men's homeless shelter last Thursday night was 30. Numbers change daily and have gone up from 15 to 22 to 25 and 30. This is great news since in the past the numbers have been 3-4-5 on a given night (with a capacity of 75). Thirty is far too big a load for the small numbers who volunteer to help Father Carr. It would be my hope that he is asking for more volunteers rather than burning out the ones he has.


BostonMaggie said...

Don't be sexist Gary, try the spa. Although I will give you points for suggesting it as a potential Valentine's Day gift. Trust me, there is stuff in that Spa for you too.

tony palmeri said...

Jennifer Monk-Reising's husband is Andrew Schroeder. He has been a professor of media studies at UW Oshkosh since 2000. In my 16 years at UW Oshkosh I've met and worked with some great professors, but few with the passion for social justice that Andrew has. He'll be missed. --Tony

Anonymous said...

While you did a good job on the father carr article one must remember to have there own "house" in order as there are ghost that can come back to haunt you.