Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sturgeon Spearing Today

In the half-hour preceding this post there was a posting of a 190lb. sturgeon taken on Lake Winnebago. Many fishermen are coming home and giving fishing reports on a timely basis. My favorite is an ice depth chart which details average depth in the last 30-days. The recent fishing reports can be found on the same page.

I have added several links lately which are listed on your right. The Oshkosh Public Library 'Internet Links' page is a favorite of mine. This is the page that comes up when one uses a library computer. Over the last few years I have passed this link on to many who have internet service at home. By clicking on 'Search Engines' it gives quite a variety including one of my favorites: Alta Vista. Going somewhere in the car? Click on 'Travel'. There is a link for Wisconsin gas prices. Gasoline prices range about 40-cents from the cheapest to the most expensive. Wisconsin Court Access can be found under 'Government'. Need a phone number or an address? Click on 'Telephone'. This data base will also tell you the income levels, real estate values, and even the nearby neighbors names, not to mention detailed maps.

The library 'internet links' page is one that everyone in town should keep handy. It's a gold mine.

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