Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Art Walk this Saturday

The first Saturday of the month means it's time for the Art Walk. The price is right: free. It runs three hours, 6-9pm. Be downtown, somewhere in the area of the sundial, and just follow the crowd. Ask for a map at your first gallery. It's fun. It's free. It's entertaining. Dress up or dress down and have a good time. See you there!

Father Carr's Place 2B
There have been about 12 in the men's shelter of late. Father Carr was in the hospital most of last week and was released Saturday.

Gary's Guide to Lawyers
(This is a short course designed for guys. Women could make the necessary changes in the script and use it too.)
How does one find and rate a lawyer? Network, of course. Be inventive. Don't network in the usual way. Be a bit devious and be prepared to spend $50 to $500.

Find a lawyer who recently became separated from his wife. Locate that woman, make friends with her. Be a good listener, in fact be prepared to be a great listener. Don't even ask her the questions you need answered. All of your questions will be answered in minute detail at the appropriate time and you will never have to ask them.

Never never come on to her. Be a friend. Allow her the time to vent over several weeks. Do something nice. Take her car to get repaired and refuse to take money. Be useful. At some point in time she will run out of things to rant about concerning her ex. Ask her what her ex thought of the lawyers he went up against. Let the conversation flow and you will learn about the two or three lawyers that he dreaded. There's your short list. Hire one of those!

Wherever there is a law school there is an organization of spouses, girlfriends, and boyfriends of aspiring law students. People who study law appear to go through a transformation as they progress towards their degree. This is a rather ugly transformation in which no matter how laid back and pleasant the person is when they start school, they become darker, a bit more quiet, and seem (quite possibly) short-tempered, arrogant, and pushy. This attitude becomes a challenge to the ones closest to them.

A survey was done in Madison circa 1985 which found this: For every 187 adults in the metro Madison area there was one licensed attorney. Many worked for the state in some capacity.

Need legal advice? Have a short list of 10 questions and ask them rapid-fire upon meeting a lawyer. One will be answered free of charge. Do this to a dozen lawyers and you will have 12 questions answered for free!

Lawyers are a lot like guns...It's nice to have one, BUT YA DON'T WANNA HAVE TA USE IT! ...But it's still nice to have one handy.

See you at the Art Walk Saturday.

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