Friday, September 23, 2005


(Preface: Back in 1917 Republican Robert M. LaFollette addressed his fellow lawmakers in Washington D.C. and decried that war-profiteers should not be able to influence our country and fill their pockets with the blood-stained profits of WWI. Fighting Bob was eased out of the G.O.P. and the progressive movement is alive and well in Wisconsin today. Progressives own no party but lean towards any candidate which will work for the greater good of society. What would Fighting Bob think of Oshkosh today?)

Axel Tech has been sold. The new buyer is the 'Carlyle Group'. Just who is the Carlyle Group? A group of Republicans Hell-bent on emptying the pockets of the ordinary folks in the good old Untied Skates of America. Hold on Oshkosh! A lot of us are acquainted with the Carlyle Group and now you can be too. The Iraq War is costing about a $Billion and a third each week and the grand total is now about $200 Billion. Who is getting that money that us taxpayers will have our grandchildren pay back? Why of course...outfits such as Halliburton and Carlyle. The employees of Axel here in Oshkosh will continue to survive but the big winners will be the major stockholders of the Carlyle Group.

Who are these major stockholders who will get most of the money? READY! SET! GO HERE:

I implore you to do your part and pass this link on to your friends. Thank you.


Dubya's off the wagon. First Lady Laura has told George: "It's either Jim Beam or me". I will leave you today with one link which has several links of interest. I hope none of this is true. It is rather scary.


Anonymous said...

Surely you were also protesting when Clinton bombed Iraq during Chrstmastime in '98 to deflect attention from the Lewinsky fiasco. Unless, of course, your protests are based strictly on political party.

If you think there's any difference between Reps and Dems other than mascots, you're sadly misguided.

Gary said...

You must be new to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. I was no Clinton fan, especially after he passed NAFTA and GAP. The 'Republican Lite' label fits him well. Reread the preface of this blog entry. Read Nancy Unger's book "Fighting Bob-The Righteous Reformer". Politics is neither right nor left anymore, but simply up or down. I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Unger a few weeks ago and she is not only smart and engaging, she is one great looking woman.
By the way...Clinton was vindicated recently regarding that '98 bombing. It's a rather interesting story.