Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Muttface, (not her real name), is a collie approaching the age of three. She is a wonderful dog. She gets me up at 5:30, sometimes 4:30, and even 3:30. She is insistent, and I follow her orders. I'll be darned if I'm going to chance a mess on the floor. Collies are very flighty...high strung if you wish. She barks for no reason, day or night, and sheds hair---not just a little hair, but hair everywhere---tons of it. She drools, begs, and stinks to high heaven. She refuses to come when called so dog biscuits are needed at all times. She even whimpers at the off-brand 'milk-bones' I've been giving her! She will throw them down on the floor where they sit for hours until the mood strikes her.

The paper-girl loves her. She showed up with the Northwestern about 5:30 this morning and muttface jumped all over her. They have become good friends and they both look forward to seeing each other. The mail-woman loves muttface too and they see each other about noon each day.

The kids from a nearby school all know her. About half know her by her right name (which is why I didn't print it here) and the other half call her 'Lassie'. Lassie she is, a carbon copy.

Muttface is good with one or two people but she is horrible in a crowd...too flighty...barks all day. Dogs are fun. They have their moods but they sure give a lot of joy.

Muttface has been trained to stay out of certain rooms in the house and she stays unleashed in the yard if someone is present. She knows better than to step out of the yard.

I wonder what she would type if I taught her how?


Anonymous said...

You're home all day to witness the dog's interactions? You're kind of young to be retired.

Gary said...

I've only seen the mail-lady once. The answer is 'Yes'. There are other humans around.

Papergirl said...

Tell Muttface that she's great and I'll see her tomorrow. P.S. I'll remember her treats :)

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

? not sure at the anonymous comment, but whatever..
I like muttface and that's rare for me to like a dog.
She's nice and I think gary taught her that...