Thursday, September 15, 2005


Went past Leon's Frozen Custard on Murdock the other night. The sign said:


What does this imply? Should a person ask about the circumstances of the old janitor? Would you eat there? Just kidding. Just kidding.


Does the name Francis Bellamy ring your bells? You may have heard of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams, but Francis Bellamy?

Mr. Bellamy wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. He did not live in the 1700's. He was only 10yrs-old when President Lincoln died. He wore several hats in his life. He was a Baptist minister. He was a Socialist. He was also an educator.

HE NEVER PUT ANY REFERENCE TO GOD IN THE PLEDGE! Part of the reason for the addition of the 'under God' phrase in 1954 was Wisconsin's own goofball Joe McCarthy carrying on about the 'god-less' Communists. America, famous for its separation of church and state caved in back in 1954 and added it.

Have some fun. Ask the oldest person you know to recite the 'Pledge'. If you are talking to someone who went to school previous to 1954 they will almost always say it without the 'under God' phrase. They even complain about the uneven rhythm it gives the 'Pledge', ---something they are not used to.

Back in 1892 Mr. Bellamy was even afraid to put the word 'equality' in the pledge. White males would never have tolerated that. Women and blacks were not equal. The pledge has changed a bit over the years. That's OK. I didn't say that it changed for the better.

Patriotism is OK too, but blind patriotism is not. My mother, who never missed a chance to remind me that she was born around the time women got the vote, (something she was very proud of), always instilled in us that authority should be dissected and questioned. Think long and hard about this 'under God' phrase.

My opinion? Leave it out of the pledge. Our government exists because the English mixed religion and government. Totally remove all traces of religion in our government.

What's the result? More folks would come to the conclusion that they (and their kids) better start spending more time at church, cause they ain't gonna get religion at school.

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Anonymous said...

Keep God in the pledge.
Thank god that McCarthy was able to prevale and over-ride the godless socialist Bellamy.

McCarty is a favorite son of the Valley. I visit his grave every year. McCarty saved us from Communism. Unfortunately many socialists (Hillary C. for one) remain.

Anonymous said...

Drop the pledge. It is empty and recited by rote. One Nation----not the united nations. Pull out from the United nations. Kick them out of New York.

My mother respected authority. She never taught us to question authority.

End socialism and leftism.

Spruce said...

First off. It is McCarthy, not McCarty. The previous posters should read more thoroughly. Bellamy was a Baptist minister. Last time I knew Baptists believe in God.

Hillary Clinton a socialist. If you lived in Madison or Milwaukee you wouldnt be calling Hillary a socialist. You see I call her a republican........Her husband too.

My mother taught me to respect Authority. But she also taught to defy authority if it was unjust. Mothers are such conservative but revolutionary beings. You have to love them.

As for the Pledge, get rid of the whole thing. I teaches people not to think for themselves.

God must be the most tolerant woman in the world to let conservatives and evangels exist in this world. If God were a man, he would have smited all of them and damned them to an eternity in HELLLLLLLLLLLLL.....

Anonymous said...

Well, Bob, if God were a woman, do you think she would be tolerant of spousal abuse? Do you think mums are fine with their boys growing up to do that?

How about you, anon1 or anon2, what do you think?

Also, Bob, about Baptists believing or not believing in God, you'd be surprised how many people attend churches who don't... or is that just a problem here across the pond?

Anonymous said...

Yo, it's McCartney, not McCarty or MacArthur. You know, Paul is the walrus. Ku ku kuchoo. The Beatles were bigger than Jesus by their own admission. I pledge allegiance to those adorable mop tops.

Anonymous said...

Bob Poeschl said...

Isn't Bob spelled with two O's in your case? Give a guy a break.

Anonymous said...

Is Bob spelled with one o or two o's on your case?

I have yet to see a Baptist believe in my God. Also Bellamy is not qualified to comment on freemansonry. Free Masonry and Mormonism are the only churchs based on Solomons temple.

AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

heres the deal: as citizens of the us we have the right to protest and we have the right to refuse to say it.
I on many occasions have refused to recite the pledge or sing the anthem.

It's not that I dont believe in God, for if it wasnt for him I would be dead. I believe in having the freedom.

I read a report the other day: 80 percent of people believe in a or many god(s)
more people believe in god than who support the war in Iraq!
now is that interesting?

We should keep it, we have the right as individuals to refuse it but as a general whole we believe in god.

I know I probably aint making much sense but this is my mind
apologies for any confusion in advance

Thee U. M. O. G.

Anonymous said...

Pledge not ruled Unconstitutional

I find it disturbing that the news media is falsely reporting that the Pledge of Allegiance has been ruled unconstitutional. That is not what happened. What the court ruled was that the inclusion of the religious words "under God" in the pledge is unconstitutional. No matter what side of the argument to are on the news media should at least get the story right.

The pledge ends with the words, "Liberty and Justice for All". The world "All" means everyone including non theist religions, those who are without religion, and those who believe in deities other than the Christian's God. Issues of religion are very divisive and our founding fathers went out of their way to make sure the government was religiously neutral so that everyone is equal and have the freedom to express their beliefs without the government choosing sides. If the words "Under God" are left in then they should take out "Indivisible" and "Liberty and Justice for All" because liberty has no meaning when the government makes religious choices.