Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Birthday!

My favorite political source of late is celebrating an 11th birthday. Capitol Hill Blue bashed Clinton for a while and has spent a lot of time bashing Bush in the last five years. Go here:

Speaking of birthdays... More people celebrate their birthdays on October 5th than on any other date. Think about that one on a long cold night next January.

The First Congregational Church had their latest monthly concert today. John Harmon on the grand piano and John Gibson on the upright bass. Very pleasant to the ear and a most welcome way to spend a lunch hour. "Over the Rainbow" was a featured tune. He used a progression that to my best knowledge was first used many many years ago by George Shearing. Rather than beginning with the dominant chord he used a minor 6th to open the tune. (To you musicians: If the first chord was "C", he substituted an "A-minor 6th" followed by "B-7th".) There was a soup & sandwich meal served afterward that was spectacular. Finely decorated tables, centerpieces, and colorful tasty rich desserts. There is not a finer way to spend the noonhour once a month in Oshkosh. A big thanks to everyone that had a part in it.

Is it my imagination? It seems that the flags have been spending more time at half-mast lately than they spend fully raised. I don't know where that comment will lead, but feel free to submit your opinion. Is our country in that dire of straits? What gives?

I visited the Valley Scene website the other day. http://www.valleyscene.com
There was this little circle that said: 50-cents. That explains why I haven't seen it in the entry way over at the Pig on Murdock. I don't know the circumstances of this but on the surface it does not bode well. I like the Scene and I suspect that charging for it may be more of a hindrance than a help. I do wish the Scene well.

Heard on the streets of Oshkosh... Randy S. told me about George Bush's morality. Dubya is the "moral" president. It seems though that the further south toward Texas that a person goes this "moral" thing begins to sound like "more-oil". Thank you for that Randy.

Thanks to the Northwestern for their lead article last Sunday on the Peace Movement in Oshkosh. Whether you agree or not...stop by Opera House Square Friday from 4:30 to 7pm. There are lively discussions at Peace Park. This kind of thing will never happen at the mall! It's the Town Square. Your voice is welcome. Come in peace.

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