Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mayor Frank Tower visits Salvation Army

Hizzonerdamare Frank Tower, who officially became our new mayor yesterday, had lunch and toured the Salvation Army today. It was a cordial visit where the mayor ate lunch in the common dining room and visited and met with many clients who frequent the facility. Captain Johnny Harsh, possibly expecting someone a bit older, was happy to meet Mr. Tower. The Mayor listened carefully to the concerns of the people who wanted to speak to him.

The noise, confusion, and number of people who talked to him in rapid succession may have caused him to lose focus at times, but he was curious about what goes on, genuinely curious. He met quite a cross-section of clients while eating lunch and then was given a tour of the facility by Captain Johnny Harsh.

His visit lasted in excess of an hour and 1/2. I told him I might blog about his visit. He made it clear to me that his visit was not newsworthy. He wanted to learn more about the mission. I applaud him for doing that.

I am sure he learned something today and I thank him for taking the time to do it.

A note to Frank Tower: Rep. Gordon Hintz came to the Salvation Army last Friday and ladled out food at lunchtime. It wasn't a political or photo-op thing for him either.

The people who use the Salvation Army are not likely to vote. A thank you is in order for any elected official who wants to know what is going on with the less fortunate.

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