Monday, April 09, 2007

Ann Frisch to Assist Guatemalan Human Rights Workers

Ann Frisch, who recently retired, is doing anything but. Within a week she should be arriving in Guatemala. She will be part of a small team which will give nonviolent support for local human rights workers. This is under the auspices of Nonviolent Peaceforce. Please take a moment to learn more by clicking on that link.

Will she be facing danger? I asked Ann that question. She replied that danger is always present and told me how we, meaning all of us here in Oshkosh and Wisconsin, can help. The answer is to get out the word about her mission. If large numbers of people know, that improves her level of safety. On a personal level, if more folks in Guatemala know that she is unarmed and nonviolent, the better off she is.

Ann will be blogging from Guatemala in real time and I will have it linked to your left. It is titled Ann Frisch's Journal and the address is Ann would like this link available to all. She hopes that all of the local blogs link her site for the next several months. She promised me that she would write a minumum of once a week and more if possible. She hopes to include photos too. Please take it from there Babblemur, Tony, Cheryl...heck I'm not going to list everyone, just link it.

It is my hope that the Northwestern would also link her blog too. It is my understanding that she will be writing some guest columns for them on this very subject.

It doesn't stop there. If you know of a national blog who might be interested, please pass it on. In addition to that please alert Spanish Instructors in the Valley. Some of Ann's columns will be in Spanish and would be great for classroom use.

Did I miss anybody?

If everyone does their job it can only add a bit more safety to her endeavor.

Pass it on. Peace.

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