Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Tuesdays at First Congregational

First and foremost exercise your right to VOTE on Tuesday.

A community wide invite comes from First Congregational Church on Algoma. Be there Tuesday at noon for a mini-concert and lunch. The event is absolutely free of charge. Donations are encouraged and discreetly taken but don't let lack of funds stop you from being there.

This month's musical entree is an organ-harp combo. Joanne Peterson is playing the pipe organ and Sarah Thrush plays the harp. Sarah comes from the UWO Music Dept. and you can sneek a look at her background from this web article from seven years ago.

The music is the draw, but there is more! We're talking food today. I will print verbatim the menu from last month's First Tuesday affair...
Aunt Julie's Italian Wedding Soup
Hungarian Cream of Mushroom
Parisienne Flat Bread
Ciabatta Bread
Turkish Sesame Bread
Chocolate Brad
Curry Chicken Salad
Coffee, Punch, and Desserts
Now that's a menu for Soup and Sandwich! The Curry Chicken Salad was served on the side and you could choose from the fresh breads at the table. Desserts included at least seven flavors of cheescake.
The chefs were Susan Heft, Jack Talin, and Chris Laufer accompanied by dozens of volunteers.
When you get up from your computer now and head for the fridge mark Tuesday at noon on your calendar.

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