Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tuesday's Duty: VOTE!

Ya can't complain if you don't bother to vote.

Bryan Bain will get my vote Tuesday. He takes the time and effort to consider issues. In fact he takes too long. It is my hope that he takes a more authoritive stance in the council this time around, that of a seasoned veteran and not that of a newcomer. When contacted about city issues he responds in a timely manner and takes care of business.

Tony Palmeri will get my vote. To some Tony may appear a bit brash. Horseapples. Tony does not fit into the 1950's Lake Wobegon mode of gentle-mannered dry quips. He will argue passionately for what is right and is a willing listener to boot. Expect Tony to be confrontational at times but also expect him to make unexpected allies. He would be a positive force in any elected capacity and we are very lucky to have him in Oshkosh.

See you at the polls Tuesday.

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Bryan L. Bain said...

I appreciate your support and vote!