Thursday, April 20, 2006

WRST Fortieth Birthday

Activities can be found here. Of note is the Saturday morning social, 9am to noon, at the New Moon Cafe on Main Street. Many involved in the past and present will be there including Joy Cardin from Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR).

What does a radio person look like? To enhance the Saturday morning coffee I suggest one of the following:
  • Nametags (tacky)
  • A Kiosk with a photo/name and short bio.
  • A program of some sort with the same info.

I haven't heard if Doc Schneider will be there, but I hope so.

Public radio in Oshkosh is good: WRST 90.3, classical music 89.3 WPNE Green Bay, and if a person wishes to listen to Ben Merens in the afternoon on WPR he can be heard on 88.1, also out of Green Bay.

My wish list for Oshkosh includes Air America Radio. The closest station to us is WXXM-FM 92.1 from Madison. It doesn't come in 'till just west of Waupun. Some of us like more variety in our day and I feel that the commercial stations in the Oshkosh area are missing a lot of advertiser dollars by not carrying this national feed in the Valley. You can find out who these owners are by going here. A direct link can be found on Tony Palmeri's home page.

For many years in the Madison area Jim Mader was an extremely popular radio personality on the old WIBA-AM. He even did national ads for Weber Grills. He died rather young and the obituary noted that he grew up in Oshkosh, joined the armed services, and then returned home and graduated from UWO. To date I have never met an Oshkosh resident who knew of him.

See you Saturday.


tony palmeri said...


It's Doc "Snyder." He's going to be on Wild Eyed Radio with Bob ROberts tonight at 5 and then he'll stick around with me for Radio Commentary. We're going to talk about jazz.

Gary said...

Thanks for the correction. Good to hear he will be on the radio today.

S.B. said...

But if WRST carried Air America, then they'd have a liberal bias! No no no, can't have that. :)