Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Project - Part Five

The DNR has evaluated the project in it's entirety, applauded saving the sturgeon, and now everything awaits the governor's signature. Tentative plans for the casino resort grand opening include a ribbon cutting ceremony by the governor, who will arrive at the new airport landing on the giant sturgeon's tail at 1,800ft in the 'pride of the Wisconsin Air Force' - the 'goober-natorial aeroplane' ,(named after the governor who bought it), the Tailspin Tommy.

The governor's signature is expected soon, right after he signs the bill allowing the newly expanded Crandon Mine, and also the series of 'canoe-up' Resort Hotels every eight miles on the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (which also bans all camping on sand bars).

The members of the Northeast Wisconsin United for Future Development Association (NEWUFFDA) worked hard to make 'The Project' a success and I'm sure there will be more to report next year on an even grander project.

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