Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Project - Part Four


Of course Oshkosh and all cities will need a source of water when Lake Winnebago becomes just another historical footnote. The planning for the 'Project' wasn't haphazard and juvenile. Water is important and we went to the nth degree to insure a safe and clean ongoing supply of water. We have contracted with a French multi-national corporation to supply the entire Fox Valley via pipeline, at a nominal fee of course. They attempted to bottle water from an obscure trout stream near Wisconsin Dells a few years ago, temporarily halted the project, but taking care of ecological concerns is our aim. We say: Forget the bottles - just 'pipe' it over!


All these fishermen yap-yap-yapping about the loss of sturgeon spearing, actually all fishing when the lake becomes The Winnebago Valley can quit their whining. We've addressed that! The Winnebagoland (World's Largest) Aquarium will take care of all that --- AND MORE. The Aquarium will be smack in the middle of the casino / resort complex and many restaurants and viewing areas will abut the glass walls on all four sides, underneath, and even on top. Come watch the sturgeon up close in their natural habitat.

Sturgeon spearing season sometimes just lasts a day or two but now YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SPEAR STURGEON 365-DAYS A YEAR. You will pay by the pound after you land it. Yes it will be expensive but think...No more ice shacks, no waiting for winter, and the domed fishing area will be climate controlled. Just think. Spearing in a short sleeved shirt!

Due to demand, spearing will be done by lottery and waiting list. Get your name in now. It will work a bit like getting season tickets for the Green Bay Packers. Put your name in now so your grandchildren can spear a sturgeon. Start putting a little money aside now and your grandchildren will be able to pay for the fish.

Next: DNR concerns.

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