Sunday, October 09, 2005

RAPE & PILLAGE [or] Happy Columbus Day

I can't believe this! Babblemur posted a photo of me on his site! I'm irate! He could've at least asked permission. On top of that he claimed it was a picture of him! You be the judge:

Be careful where you take those nude photos to be processed. Bad things could happen to YOU. You could get a visit from the local gendarmes, the FBI, CIA, KGB, the Thought Police, the Secret Service and more...All because of some snotty smiley face at MALL-WART. Check this out:

All together now: Rape and Pillage, Rape and Pillage, Rape and Pillage...

Columbus took that to heart. He brought much more than that. Various forms of V.D. and other wonderful life threatening diseases. Kill the men, rape the mothers and daughters, take the sons to sell as slaves. What a wonderful legacy, AND WE SET ASIDE A DAY TO GLORIFY HIM! Please go here:
and here:

Did I ever tell you about the time (as a musician) I played a Columbus Day party at the Knights of Columbus in Columbus?

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AngelAiken AKA Thee U.M.O.G said...

totally awesomely true Gary!
People(especially young people) need to get the whole story!
Crazy people tend to be our heroes and our leaders!
He he!
(get the hint?)
if not email me!