Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer's Here

The June edition of the Greatest Gallery Walk in the Valley is Saturday night from 6-9pm. Their website continues to improve and can be found in the link list on this page. Be there! A good time is had by all and it's cheaper than driving anywhere.

Tony Palmeri wrote a piece on activism for the Scene Magazine and it is posted here. Doug Boone was the subject. The only item I can add is Doug was missed this week at Waterfest. To my knowledge Doug never missed the Waterfest Concert Series. He was a walking encyclopedia of Waterfest trivia going back to the early years.

Speaking of the Valley Scene Magazine, what happened to their website? Anyone have a clue?

I am looking for someone to post restaurant reviews at this site. Oshkosh needs restaurant reviews. The Northwestern does not do them. This is a void that can be filled by the blogosphere. Write about your favorite or your worst restaurant experience and send it to me at

I was invited for pizza at Ratch & Deb's the other evening. Cheese and Sausage. It was great! A friendly neighborhood place that I'd go back to anytime. They are located at the corner of Bowen and Merritt. Parking? Forget it. Ride your bicycle. You probably need the exercise. Oh yes. A big thank you to M.M.'s mother for picking up the tab.

Tony Palmeri was asked by Accordian Man to come to the monthly tenants meeting at Mainview Apartments. Mainview is part of the Oshkosh Housing Authority. Tony said that he would make it if he got done grading his students, and Accordian Man was pleasantly surprised to see him. Thanks for doing that Tony. Accordian Man is happy and I bet that the Housing Authority is surprised that a city council member stopped by. Also...Accordian Man has now been 'outed', at least in the partial sense. Tony knows who he is.


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stephanie said...

whenever a [new] friend comes to town i suggest Ratch & Debs.