Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Death of Father Carr

I saw the headline about Fr. Carr in the Northwestern Monday morning. Through the first cup of coffee and long before the morning cobwebs disappeared from my head I knew I had a job to do. I had all day at work to think about it and develop a level even attitude regarding it.

I went to the evening meal at the Salvation Army Monday from 4:30 to 5:30. I posed a general question: "What's your thoughts on Father Carr?"

The first person I saw was Bones. He had heard nothing about it. I told him the headline. Bones sez: "You're s%*##in' me." Later. "This is the happiest day I've had in a long time."

Zbobzap sez: "I don't dare use the words I want, (since we're in the Salvation Army Building), but you can guess." Later. "He's going to get pretty hot where he's going."

Female, about age 40: "I could care less. He was nasty to everyone."

Another woman: "I've never heard anyone say a good word about him. Good riddance."

Middle aged man: "I was out there for lunch Sunday with J__. Neither of us were even told Father Carr passed away!" "Typical. Clients are NEVER told anything."

That was the general demeaner of about three dozen comments I received.

I did the same on Tuesday evening. The nicest comment received was from a woman named S__. She said: "It's sad when someone dies, but maybe it's for the better. Maybe things will be run better out there now."

My comment: Father Carr was vicious. He delighted in kicking people who were down. A person would have to speak to thousands of former clients or would be clients to come up with any other answer.

Someone else can write the accolades. I invite any writer (or would be writer) for the Northwestern to stop by the Salvation Army at the noon meal (11am-12:30pm) or evening meal (4:30-5:30pm) and pose questions about Father Carr. Note that citizens of Oshkosh are more than welcome to walk in and inspect the Salvation Army during the public meal times. A small red kettle is usually present and folks are more than welcome to have a bite and chat with people who use the Army facilities.

I implore anyone who is curious about the subject of Father Carr to take time to ask former clients about him.

Next: A public challenge to the Board and Transition Members of the Place 2B.


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