Monday, May 21, 2007

Jerry Falwell, Sun Myung Moon, Blackwater and More

Doug Boone is on my mind. He was ornery, loud, arrogant and right! He will be missed. He was the guy with sign at the corner of 9th and Georgia all by himself. He would be at the sundial on Fridays protesting the Iraq morass. That's where I met him. It takes all kinds to work for social justice. Doug was the 'in your face' guy. I joked on this page that if the Iraq War went on any longer that fatalities and injuries to protesters would be tallied. Doug Boone is our first fatality. He died from a blood clot following a routine operation.

I know firsthand about blood clots having survived three bouts with them. I would venture that Doug would want all of us to continue to Fight the Good Fight. That's what I would want too.

Jerry Falwell died. Good riddance. He singlehandedly did more harm to our country than almost anyone I can think of. I put him in the same group with Adolph Hitler and Jeffrey Dalmer. Falwell was in bed with Sun Myung Moon. The Moonie's once divorced leader gave Falwell a $3.5 million kicker in the '90's when Liberty University was about to go belly up. Moon also gave Falwell a so-called award at a White House prayer breakfast. Oh yes. They are both in bed with Dubya Bush. Falwell did everything he could to get folks to vote Republican (and so has Moon).

In a totally unrelated matter, chalk one up to the Republicans and their mantra of less government and less corporate accountability. The Food and Drug Administration has suffered with less money each year of the last ten. That means less and less food coming from China is checked for toxicity. Food from China you say? Yes. Food additives are coming from the industrial cesspool known as China. Think pets are at risk? Think again. People are too. Falwell did a lot of damage by encouraging folks to vote Republican. Falwell may even be indirectly responsible for people dying from food poisoning in the future.

Last Saturday, May 19, was Armed Forces Day. Camp McCoy over in the western part of our great state held an open house for the occasion (only at one gate, have your ID ready). Many 'consumer-friendly' hands on events took place including free face painting for the kids. Yes. They were painting the kids faces camouflage-style. That's great! Of course you wouldn't want to lose your child at Camp McCoy or on the ride back home if you know what I'm getting at.

I studied Blackwater for Armed Forces Day. Blackwater is our newest branch of the armed services. The MSM (that's Main Stream Media) is beginning to call Blackwater by their proper name: Mercenaries. The 'M'-word is pretty nasty. I grew up hearing exploits of the French Foreign Legion. Mercenaries. Hired killers. They'd work work for anyone with the money to hire them. Blackwater is the largest mercenary firm doing so-called contracting work in Iraq. There are now at least 130,000 private-firm soldiers in Iraq. They carry guns and ammo and deliver and protect things. They kill anything in their way.

Capitalism has hit Blackwater. They have been hiring gun-toters from Chile. The Chileans work much cheaper than their U.S. counterparts which sometimes get $1,000 to $1,500 a day. One of the last groups from Chile arrived in Iraq and were presented contracts 4hrs. before they were to go on duty. It specified $34 a day. They had been promised $4,000 to $7,500 a month!
They were told to sign or find their own way back to Chile.



Anonymous said...

I must admit to having mixed feelings about the use of mercanaries in Iraq. On the one hand, it's reminicient of the hated Hession troops used by the British during the Revolution; on the other, at least those guys are getting killed while being paid far better than our own troops.

It does seem though that they are getting killed at a much slower rate. Hmm, does that mean that they're better led and equipped, or that they get the safer jobs?

One more little thought. What happens when Bush, or some other Fearless Leader, decides he needs a little help right here at home and brings them here? After all, we don't even have a National Guard anymore to defend us, they're all in Iraq, or dead.

Nah, that could never happen Amerika...

Gary said...

Between 900-1,000 have been killed with 12,000 wounded. These are recent figures from the MSM which has now taken to reporting them. Read Jeremy Scahill's book: Blackwater. That's where much of my info came from.

Also... This morning's news sez that toothpaste made in China has antifreeze ingredients. Toss it. The food additive thing I talked about in this post is scarily becoming true.

McD said...

Curious about your source for this information. Would like to read more about it and related matters.

Could you provide some feedback please.


Gary said...

Regarding the toothpaste. Go to Google News, enter: toothpaste and china. Re: Falwell, Moon. Enter those terms at Google. Re: Blackwater. Go to Google News and enter: Iraq and "contractor deaths" in quotes.

Should do it. Ask me again if you can't find these items.

Thanks for reading my blog!