Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cranky Pats, the Baer Brothers and more

At a recent Gallery Walk chatter turned to the state of affairs downtown, as it always does. A fellow told me: "You know, Gary, the Baer brothers are almost singlehandedly changing, creating, and rebuilding the downtown area." I told him I didn't totally agree with that, but after more back-and-forth banter I understood what he was trying to get across. Jason and Aaron Baer have invested their lives on a day to day basis to make Main Street a viable destination. Multitudes of folks want the downtown to succeed and Jason and Aaron are key players.

They own the New Moon Cafe and Cranky Pats. Let's hope that Cranky Pats stays open regardless of any conflicts between the city and the tax bill owed by the owners of the 100 block. There has to be a common sense solution crafted that leaves the Baer brothers out of the equation. Common sense dictates that the Baer brothers not be punished for the actions of their landlord.

I don't want to create a rush downtown but...

Mother's Day is Sunday. Rather than getting dressed up and taking mother out to eat in some fancy gin mill, why not change from the nice clothes worn to church, get into something comfortable and spend some time at the New Moon. The food is excellent with a large variety of beverages. A cold bottle of craft rootbeer sounds good at the moment. If you have been there on a Saturday you know what I am about to say. A baby crying, little urchins underfoot (watch where you step), and the various games and amusements that seem to appear from out of nowhere when parents bring their children. The din of conversations with light jazz in the background. There was a recent letter to the editor in the Northwestern from an elderly lady who came to the New Moon and told how impressed she was with the atmosphere there. It's multi-generational and laid back.

'Nuff said.

Bumper sticker seen on Main: I Served, Bush Deserted


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Anonymous said...

I am taking your advice and going downtown this Mother's Day with my Mother and wife. We'll stop in New Moon and enjoy a cup of coffee. I've been reading and enjoying your blog last week or so.