Saturday, May 28, 2005

Action Speaks Louder Than Words Department

Memorial Day weekend, the day my parents called Decoration Day, is here. Begun as a tribute to soldiers who died in the line of duty it has expanded to remembering all those who lived before us. Celebrations and parades will dot the landscape on Sunday and Monday. Politicians and religious leaders will give short speeches and prayers.

Sometime this weekend we will hear from our nation's president regarding members of the armed services and veterans. He will extoll the virtues of same and tell us to honor and remember them. He has asked for and received $cuts$ for veteran's programs in four years of the last five. Remember this as you hear his words this weekend.

Remind your friends and neighbors when the subject of Memorial Day comes up. Tell a vet or serviceman what your views are on George Bush and the Republicans' continued attempts to reduce and demean those servicemen and vets.

Actions speak louder than words...


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

It's nice to see someone else get sucked into the black hole of blogging. I'm looking forward to reading your views.

When you feel you've done justice to world and local issues, I hope you devote a post or two to your interest in your neighbor's wife.

Jody (The Side Street)

Anonymous said...

If you haven't heard about Gary-the-Coveter yet, go back to the main page (right column) and check out Gary's profile. I make nothing up.

Anonymous said...

*giggle giggle*
Gary-the coveter? wow, that's a good one!!

Yeah, I cant wait to hear about the neigbor's wife, I wanted to see for myself what(in the past :) someone wrote, I had that feeling!

So what's so wonderfull about the neighbor's wife?