Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The National Guard

Let's get this straight. I am in my extremely late 30's staring at the big six-zero. I was declared 1y for the military draft in 1967 due to being very overweight. I never served.

I asked my dad at that time to explain the role of the National Guard. When asked if the National Guard ever went overseas during a war he explained that it was not their purpose. They were to help out in the good old U. S. of A with natural disasters and to assist with keeping order among the citizens. He said they would never go overseas unless there was a major extreme war, a WWIII type disaster.

Readers: We've come a long way baby! I suggest we go back to basics with the Nat'l Guard. Bring 'em home from Iraq and save them and their families from any more separation and grief.

Ann Frisch and others were absolutely right! Paul Esslinger was wrong and I will tell him so when I see him. If you see him first, you can tell him.

George Bush and his president Dick Cheney are wrong wrong wrong for using the National Guard in this fashion.


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