Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ADVOCAP 40th Anniversary

Advocap celebrates its 40th year in the month of May. Lyndon Johnson was President, the Beatles were everywhere, and the Viet Nam war was a daily topic. The years following the death of President John F. Kennedy (1963) proved to be a time of sweeping social change and Advocap was element of that. Check their site, see if you or an aquaintance are a fit for one of their many programs.

They run a nutrition program for seniors and the disabled. Oshkosh has several meal sites and also home delivers about a hundred meals a day. The food is prepared at Park View Health Center north of town and delivered hot to the various locations. Advocap's home delivery is sometimes confused with Meals-on-Wheels. They are entirely different programs! The programs have a lot in common but are administered in a different fashion. Meals-on Wheels uses volunteer drivers. Advocap furnishes cars, gas, pays it's drivers, and equips them with a cell phone for emergencies.

I chuckled when told that a program existed to feed the pets of home-bound folks. Yes! It's called Animeals. It began in San Diego in 1984 and the Humane Society works with the meal delivery programs to feed cats and dogs. This isn't being done anywhere in our vicinity but I thought I'd throw it in.

Advocap also has an extensive weatherization program to help low income and elderly lower their heating bills. You may know someone who has utilized this or needs a furnace or insulation.

There is much more at Advocap's extensive site. May Advocap go for another 40 years. In a time of dwindling budgets for social programs and outlandish amounts of tax money spent on war, it is important to note that taxes paid in should come back to those taxpayers rather than provide rusting eyesores in some foreign desert. Advocap is a great example of what can be done for folks who have paid taxes their entire adult life.

As Advocap says: "Forty Years of Providing Solutions to Poverty."

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